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Shiva was born as other normal child and everything was fine and his life along with his parents and a sister was going well. His father used to work as a security guard for a school where Shiva was studying and was among the good students of the class, when suddenly at the age of 10 he got infection and allergies in his left eye and goes to see a doctor. Six months of the check-up, medicine and follow up at Teaching Hospital the doctor convinces that his sight will be better during these six months while he was losing his vision slowly and one day he loses his vision completely. Shiva and his family could not believe this big loss. He goes along with his father to see that doctor again but he has already left the hospital and these poor people have no one to complain about it. Shiva drops his school and sits at home all the time. After 5 years of this grievance, he decides that be it in any condition he has to complete his education. He joins a school in Bhaktapur to first get trained in Braille for around 7 months and then joins Laboratory School. Shiva currently is in Grade – 6 at Laboratory School and is doing very well in his education. Recently, he won a silver medal in the International Para Judo competition in Nepal in the Junior category.

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