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Dolma Ecotourism is a non-profit initiative of Dolma Foundation to provide income to rural communities of Nepal. 
To join us in the mountains, please visit the Dolma Ecotourism website.

Dolma Ecotourism was founded as a partnership between its leader, Tsering Lama – a seasoned tourism professional and mountain guide – and the Dolma Foundation. It provides a totally unique adventure in a hidden valley of Nepal’s Langtang National Park, nestled among the soaring Himalayan mountains on the Tibetan border. Backed by the local Tibetan community, guests exclusively experience their warm hospitality, join their festivals and learn their timeless culture, customs and crafts. A Buddhist monk scholar helps the guests understand culture of the people and leads meditation practice in one of the most peaceful places on earth. Guests use the village of Bridim as a base to trek into the mountains, among the sparkling snow-capped peaks, on routes only used by yak herders. But despite the remoteness, the tours provide a level of comfort and service not to be found for miles around.

The Foundation provided the capital necessary to build the facilities (such as tourist accommodation, showers and toilets) as well as train the local community who benefit from wages, craft sales and the lasting friendship of our guests. It has impacted many thousands of lives, both local and guest alike, with the Fund’s profits being reinvested into community programmes and education. Dolma Ecotourism has now expanded to provide tours to many other regions in Nepal.

To join us in the mountains, please visit the Dolma Ecotourism website.


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Day Scholars

For those within walking distance

£ 35.00 per month

Boarding Scholars

For those not within walking distance

£ 85.00 per month

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