The massive earthquake on 25th April this killed around 9,000 and destroyed around 700,000 houses and buildings. It caused severe landslides, blocking roads and putting huge populations out of reach of rescue operations and communications. Dolma Foundation already had volunteers and food supplies in our target region of Langtang National Park - one of the worst hit areas.
Immediately after the earthquake, Dolma volunteers setup temporary camps and served over 10,000 meals amounting to over 7.5 million calories. What was really inspiring was to see everyone come together at a time of need irrespective of their status, class, ethnicity, or caste. We even fed starving European tourists trapped in this famous trekking region.

Thanks to your donation, we were the first to respond in Langtang region, saving many lives. 

Give a Future, Give Education

Day Scholars

For those within walking distance

£ 35.00 per month

Boarding Scholars

For those not within walking distance

£ 85.00 per month

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