The small yet beautiful Tiri village is a beautiful destination for the trekkers who want to experience the trek in a relatively short time. The trek allows the great views of the Dhaulagiri in Pokhara and the Annapurna in Jomsom. The trek allows the trekkers to experience the modern Pokhara city as well as the authentic village like Tiri. The trekkers will explore the old monasteries that are keeping the Buddhist culture alive for real long time. Walking around the Annapurna region, the trek to Tiri village also offers a wonderful opportunity to experience the local hospitality while staying in the community homestay. You will get to know the local people more and taste the local culture and food. Thus, your trip will not only benefit you will the fun and adventure but also help the locals to make an impact on their living.
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£ 85.00 per month

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